Experience The Original World of Warcraft Again – Kronos 3 Private Server

There was a time, more than a decade ago, when a new game appeared. A game, which became the cornerstone of all future MMORPGs “Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game”. That game was called World of Warcraft, and late became known as the Vanilla Classic WoW, after the subsequent expansion packages were released. Unlike the contemporary MMOs, where players need just a few days to gear up, a week more to be fully geared up with epic tier sets and legendary items, the Classic WoW version required at least several months for accomplishing these feats.

Over the years, many pirated World of Warcraft servers were launched, trying to mimic the earlier versions of World of Warcraft. Among these: True WoW, Molten WoW (now called Warmane), Feenix… the list is literary huge. In the spring of 2015, two new servers were launched which ultimately shaped the history of the Legacy Private Servers. These servers were known as Nostalrius Begins and Twinstar’s Kronos. Unlike their predecessors: Vanilla Gaming and Feenix’s Warsong and Emerald Dream, these servers completely mimicked the original World of Warcraft experience: x1 leveling, grinding and gold rates. To reach a level 60, a veteran player had to play between 14-20 days, and for the novices it took a complete month.

After 3 long years, Twinstar realized the need for a fresh start, and they will be launching their new server on Saturday, 31th of March. If you are willing to give it a ago, and whether you have experience with Vanilla or not, you will have to admit that you will need a boost either in leveling or some coins. Kronos 3 gold can be purchased from the V7Gaming website. You can also reach their team on this location.

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